Biblical Purification Soap, Cleansed At The End Of The Day

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Biblical Purification Soap: Cleansed at the End of the Day

by Christine Allen

Throughout any given day, there are a million little things that build you up and wear you down. Passing conversations, stressful meetings, pleasant surprises, chance encounters — all of these things contribute to the you that you are when you get home at the end of the day, tired or excited or curious or content or whatever the day has made you to be, you’re ready to be washed clean and made ready for whatever awaits you tomorrow.

The Bare Beauty Naturals Biblical Soap

Bare Beauty Naturals Biblical Purification Soap is made for this moment. This soap is inspired by Psalms 51:7, which says, “Cleanse me with hyssop, that I may be pure; 

wash me,, and I will be whiter than snow.”

Hyssop, along with pure ground frankincense and myrrh resins, olive oil, ground cassia, and cinnamon woods blend together in this soap that acts as a stimulant to help clear the mind, relieve exhaustion, and ease depression and weakness. A natural, soft exfoliant, this soap allows for the physical cleansing that is necessary at the end of a demanding day. 

I have found myself recently in the most demanding seasons of my life, stretched thin by commitments and expectations, finding it difficult to claim moments for myself, when I am not weighed down by the things I am needing to get done. Things that should easily be accomplished get pushed back and forgotten, remembered in panic hours, days, weeks later. 

By the end of the day, finding a moment of peace or joy is crucial to my ability to fall asleep. Lately, I have found these moments in little things, like braiding my hair, listening to my favorite songs, or taking a nice long shower. Using the Biblical Purification soap has become a part of the simple satisfaction that comes with feeling clean: in the softness of my skin after using the exfoliant, or the soft, sweet, natural smell that takes over the bathroom. 

Psalm 45:9

Psalm 45:9, another verse on which this soap is based, says 

“With myrrh, aloes, and cassia your robes are fragrant. From ivory-paneled palaces stringed instruments bring you joy.”

I love the way this verse brings together fragrance, music, and joy. 

For me, the experience of bathing is always accompanied by good smells and music playing in the background (typically something that I can sing along to), and the Biblical Purification soap easily fits into this habit. 

Bare Beauty Naturals

Bare Beauty Natural soaps are 100% #natural which changes the entire #skincare conversation. We start at a place no chemically manufactured soap can touch, and with our clinical #pharmacist founder and his natural product recipes we’re in a space no other natural soap manufacturer can approach. 

Every soap choice in the BBN portfolio is head and shoulders above anything else out there both in terms of price and quality, so choose any recipe that speaks to you on a personal level, where you are now. 

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