Mother’s Day – Best Selling Box


Box Contains:

  • Chunky Cut Persimmon Soap
  • Chunky Cut Biblical Spikenard Soap
  • Free Exfoliating Bag Muslin

Box Contains:

  • Chunky Cut Persimmon Soap
  • Chunky Cut Biblical Spikenard Soap
  • Free Exfoliating Bag Muslin

Made with pure ground persimmon and extract, our 100% Natural Persimmon and Extract Soap exclusively prepared and sold by Bare Beauty Naturals is nature’s skin purifying & deodorizing agent for Grandma and Grandpa According to the NY Times, HuffPost and the Daily News, older skin loses natural antioxidant protection, leaving it susceptible to lipid oxidation which then becomes nonenal, the source of hormonal imbalance or aging body odor. A potent antioxidant and loaded with vitamins, Persimmon Extract has traditionally been used in Japan for its naturally purifying and deodorizing benefits. This prized natural ingredient is particularly effective in eliminating nonenal, leaving grandma and grandad’s skin squeaky clean and freshly hydrated.

Biblical Spikenard Soap:

This soap adds to our exfoliant collection with solid cassia and Spikenard in the soap. Sweet yet spicy, Spikenard is a nerve soother as well as a stimulant that helps clear the mind. This familiar warm aroma of ancient Cassia (cinnamon) is a great mind & body revitalizer, helping to alleviate exhaustion, depression & weakness. The frankincense & myrrh transport you to a thoughtful reflective place, while cleansing your hair, face and body.

Exfoliating Bag Muslin:

Soft weave Muslin wash cloth soap bag fit for a spa. The textured surface provides mild exfoliation, gentle cleansing and reveals soft skin over time.If you think you sloughing is a step you can skip, think again. Regular exfoliation is an integral part of maintaining healthy (and pretty!) skin.


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