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Biblical Purification Soap 

100% Natural Biblical Purification Soap with Spikenard – Real cassia (cinnamon), frankincense, Spikenard & Myrrh in a soap based on biblical texts.

With myrrh, aloes, and cassia your robes are fragrant. From ivory-paneled palaces stringed instruments bring you joy.
Psalms 45:9

This soap adds to our exfoliant collection with solid cassia and Spikenard in the soap. Sweet yet spicy, Spikenard is a nerve soother as well as a stimulant that helps clear the mind. This familiar warm aroma of ancient Cassia (cinnamon) is a great mind & body revitalizer, helping to alleviate exhaustion, depression & weakness. The frankincense & myrrh transport you to a thoughtful reflective place, while cleansing your hair, face and body.


FDA Approved Hair Regrowth Treatment

Bare Beauty Naturals Hair Regrowth Treatment Minoxidil Orange topical solution USP 2.0% is for men and women. Clinical trials show hair growth for men who have a general thinning of hair on the top of the scalp (vertex only) and women on the front and side. Minoxidil has been shown to regrow hair in people with low to moderate hair loss. Dermatologists also recommend the treatment for eyebrow and beard growth.


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Customers Reviews

Love it my curls are so hydrated today was the first time I used it shampoo and conditioner my grey has made my curls very dry and not curling at all I’m in love
Etsy Customer
I have naturally curly hair between a 3a-3b low porosity. I have used this 2 times and I'm noticing a big difference in my hair. My curls are much more bouncy and the curls seem to be larger. I will give it a few more uses and do a final review. .....
Alicia Lindsley
Etsy Customer
This conditioner did an awesome job on my 4yo daughter's hair! It moisturized without being too oily and left her hair soft and her curls defined. Great find! This pic is just after washing.
Etsy Customer
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